What does LHPU offer?


LHPU is not a typical classroom setting. Think of it more as apprenticeship on steroids. You will be learning by doing as you work with a team on real-world exercises, not just by sitting back and listening to an instructor. We set up LHPU to closely resemble a real work environment.


Most classes give instruction to the group, then students practice on their own. At LHPU, it's the exact opposite: you get instruction through a curated set of material, then practice happens by applying the concepts you've learned in group projects.


A big part of learning to become a controls engineer is learning how to get 'unstuck' when you face a problem. You don't have to do it alone. You will have plenty of one-on-one attention from experienced mentors who can help you navigate the hard parts of LHPU.

What people think of LHPU


LHPU kick-started my career in engine controls.


LHPU provided me with the foundation necessary to transition my generic product knowledge to the automotive industry.


My LHPU class was immensely useful, interesting, exciting, and fun.