Chaitrali Joshi – LHPU Gasoline Yellow Jersey Winner Week 4!

Chaitrali Joshi is the winner of the LHPU Yellow Jersey for the Pontiac gasoline class. Chaitrali has been consistent since the beginning with her attendance. She arrives everyday early to class with an eagerness to learn which shows in her consistent performances. When the class was asked to sum their past two week’s work in a few minutes, Chaitrali had the most succinct presentation. During this week’s Max governor modelling, she kept herself constantly occupied and has been ahead of the class the entire time. Congratulations Chaitrali!

Chaitrali Joshi is an experienced Electrical Engineer with a 1 year internship utilizing Simulink and LabVIEW for the Defence Research and Development Organization of India.  She received her Bachelor’s in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from Cummins College of Engineering, India, and holds a Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cleveland State University.  Chaitrali is a multi-disciplined professional, with extensive knowledge in embedded systems and automotive controls. To achieve global standards of present day, Chaitrali is undergoing SAE certified training in control systems at LHPU.

Her internship exposed Chaitrali to the embedded controls industry-relevant common engineering practices and tools.  She is well-trained in embedded systems design and simulation of test signals using LabVIEW.  She won an academic competition sponsored by John Deere to devise a more automated method to plant cotton.  Her technical solution included two robotic arms with suction mechanism, stepper motors, storage pot of seeds and a piston assembly connected to the robotic arm to punch the seed in the soil. As a pioneer for social awareness, Chaitrali was appointed as an administrator at the Indian Student Organization at her university. She successfully arranged events promoting social cause and cultural diversity.