Sahib Mehta Overall Top Controls Freak for Functional Safety Class!

During the MotoHawk/Simulink week of training, Sahib’s active participation in class and comprehension of the material excelled him to complete the throttle control project first.  In Week 4, Sahib’s hard work paid off as he ended up having the most detailed model in the class.  His dedication and desire to learn new things has kept him at the top of the class.  Sahib’s peers selected him as the best teammate and the student who would be best capable to lead as ‘Student Manager’ for Demonstration Week.  The LHPU experience also brings a focus on the student’s quality of work, desire to improve quality, communication, interpersonal skills, ability to resolve conflict, teamwork, and initiative.  Congratulations Sahib!

Sahib Mehta has 3+ years of professional experience interfacing with customers.  Sahib served as a graduate research assistant for almost 2 years where he developed, designed, analyzed, manufactured and assembled an innovative water desalination plant. With the aid of tools like MATLAB, Ansys, Pro-E he was able to extract salt from the system for the purpose of thermal energy storage. Sahib also worked at KONE Elevators, where he designed elevators for clients and was the point of contact for all project-related consultation. Sahib completed a series of internships with HONDA, Munjal Showa and KNS Technologies, where he worked with cross functional teams and handled on-site projects with the client.

Sahib’s passion for engineering started at a very young age when his curiosity led him to question everything and how things work.  He once tried to make an air cooler with simple household items, and in the process almost lit the bed on fire.  Sahib holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona.  He is aiming to implement his knowledge and skills in the automotive industry as an embedded controls engineer.