Ishan Arora LHPU Gasoline Yellow Jersey Winner – Week 1!

Ishan Arora is the winner of the LHPU Yellow Jersey for the Pontiac Gasoline class.  He quickly completed the CAN exercises and used the extra time to help others with the material.  Ishan possesses great communication skills and gets along easily with his colleagues.  Congratulations Ishan!

Ishan Arora’s ambition to work as an engineer commenced with winning the best design award in the Rube Goldberg Challenge, a design of sophisticated machines to complete the simplest of tasks. Ishan is experienced in manufacturing and achieved a reduced cycle time from 169 to 162 seconds and an increase quality by 15% for engine heads produced on an assembly line.

His expertise includes control system design for gasoline engines, maximum and minimum governor model design in Simulink, engine calibration using MotoTune, calibration of throttle using MotoHawk, analysis using Finite Element method and ANSYS, production line analysis, manufacturing techniques, thermal analysis and management using MS Project.

Ishan graduated from the University of Arizona with his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. At the university, he developed his research and development skills to complete his thesis and published his work at the world conference of advanced materials. He was awarded outstanding teaching assistant in the department of mechanical engineering for the academic year 2016-17. Travelling to new places, adventure sports and following basketball are some of his avocations. He indulges in unique cuisines and is a food lover.