LHPU Yellow Jersey for the Pontiac Gasoline Week 2!

Navya Dandamudi is the winner of the LHPU Yellow Jersey for the Pontiac Gasoline class.  During the MotoHawk/Simulink week of training, Navya’s questions demonstrated a complete and high level of understanding of the tasks at hand.  Her ability to learn quickly grabbed the attention of LHPU trainer, Mike Gallagher.   Congratulations Navya!

Navya Dandamudi is an experienced Electrical Engineer who holds a Master’s from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.  She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications from Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology.  She has always been fascinated by the design and communication of machines which led her to pursue an education in engineering.  During her education, Navya worked with hardware and software tools such as, MATLAB, CAN, and Cadence.

Navya served as an intern in Techno Engineering Solutions, which involved working with CNC machines. This internship exposed her to programming PLCs to operate drilling and mining tools.  She also possesses extensive web development skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap.

She is now utilizing LHPU intense hands-on training to master Simulink while building an in-depth theoretical knowledge and developing necessary skills that will mold her into a world-class entry level embedded controls engineer. She enjoys playing sports.