Siddanth Reddy Bardipur – LHPU Gasoline Yellow Jersey Winner Week 3!

Siddanth Reddy Bardipur is the winner of the LHPU Yellow Jersey for the Pontiac Gasoline class.  He completed the minimum governor modelling first and then used his free time to help others understand the material better.  Congratulations Siddanth!

Siddanth is a graduate from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and holds both a Master’s and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. During his 9th grade year, a friend built a moving robot using a remote car battery and motor which kickstarted Siddanth’s own passion about electrically controlled machines.

As a Project Engineer, Siddanth designed Simulink models for the power generation industry.  He learned corporate culture essentials such as, how to work in a team and completing projects on time.  He also learned to use electricity by calculating load demand from a formula without using any software with the result of improving our own abilities instead of using machines.

Siddanth’s goal at LHPU is to learn to apply his embedded controls hands-on experience on his first day of employment.  He is pursuing a career in the automotive industry working with embedded control systems.  Apart from being an electrical nerd, Siddanth is an active basketball player who played all 4 years during his Bachelor’s.  He was an Event Coordinator for College Fest held at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University and enjoys hanging out with friends.