Sharvari Bhatwadekar – LHPU Functional Safety Yellow Jersey Winner Week 1

Sharvari Bhatwadekar is the winner of the LHPU Yellow Jersey for the Columbus Functional Safety class.  Sharvari possesses a great logical approach towards problem-solving.  Very few details were given during the introduction of the CAN Layer 73 and Sharvari was the only one to put all the pieces together to come up with a solution.

After high school, Sharvari had several career options and stumbled upon electronics by chance, where it became her passion from the first day.  Engineering was the obvious choice for her since she could combine her love for physics, mathematics, and electronics.  Since she was not satisfied with the knowledge garnered during her undergraduate courses, she decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University.

During her graduate program, she worked on designing and simulating feedback control law for different nonlinear systems, which gave her some great experience using MATLAB and Simulink.

Sharvari is a quick learner, with an inquisitive mind; being highly organized helps her to be more productive.  She lives here in Columbus and is part of the Columbus Ganesh Utsav Mandal (CGUM) which organizes the Ganesh festival in Columbus.  She enjoys hiking and reading books.