Srujana Sree Subba – LHPU Functional Safety Yellow Jersey Winner Week 2!

Srujana Sree Subba (Sru) is the winner of the LHPU Yellow Jersey for the Columbus AFSB class.  Sru has great technical skills and is very focused. She has the ability to engage both technical and non-technical audiences at the same time.  Her presentation skills include great analogies and are interactive.  She is a great team player and will be an asset to her future employer.

Srujana (Sru) graduated from Wright State University (Ohio) in Electrical Engineering with a 3.98 GPA. Her active participation in science clubs at school initiated her interests on personal projects, such as building a basic fan run on motors when in the 5th grade, and a line follower robot using IR sensors on an UNO board during her Bachelor’s studies.

She has internship experience at Sibca Electronics, UAE. Sru was placed on the project development team where she assisted and built basic models in AutoCAD on placement of the ELV (Extra Low Voltage) systems according specification sheets.

Sru was a delegate at Hyderabad Youth Assembly, leading a team of 20 students who raised funds and used them for building sanitary and water plants at government schools in India. During her Master’s studies, she worked as an Event Organizer for the Indian Students Association on campus which represents over 500-800 students. She holds the position of Youth Coordinator at the India Club of Greater Dayton, where she bridges the gap between students and Indian communities in Dayton, OH.