Abhay Makhija -LHPU Functional Safety Yellow Jersey Winner Week 3

Abhay Makhija is the winner of the LHPU Yellow Jersey for the Columbus AFSB class.  Abhay is a logical thinker and is fast to come up with different strategies. He has great presentation and communication skills and possesses the ability to explain technical issues thoroughly.  Abhay is confident, smart and a quick thinker.

Abhay graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. He wants to contribute to the field of IoT and work with connected cars. His passion in car engineering developed during high school when he was exposed to videos on engines and how they functioned.

He was fascinated by a class on control systems taken during his Bachelor’s studies. One of the lab projects was to perform simulations of cruise control systems in MATLAB and Simulink. Non-Linear equations of a car model were linearized and then used to design a PID controller for the given plant model. These were then tested and verified on PC-104 boards. This experience strengthened his consideration for control systems as an area of focus for the Master’s program he plans to take in the future. At LHPU, Abhay hopes to acquire information that will let him connect the knowledge on control systems with engines.

To complete his profile, Abhay plays golf, is a photographer, and loves traveling and exploring new places.