Karthik Chunnam (KC) – LHPU Functional Safety Yellow Jersey Winner – Week 5

Karthik Chunnam (KC) is the winner of the LHPU Yellow Jersey for the Columbus AFSB class.  KC is passionate about learning the new concepts.  He had no experience with Simulink before LHPU and has worked hard for the past five weeks to improve.  He has accomplished the knowledge of writing algorithms of controllers and performed as such during Week 5.  Congratulations KC!

Karthik Chunnam is from Hyderabad, India. His passion for engineering began in high school while he was working on a very basic physics experiment of measuring objects. During his undergrad, his interest in engines grew into the functionality aspect as well as the processes involved to bring a new one to market.

With his intent to gain managerial skills, he completed a Master’s in Engineering Management at Oklahoma Christian University.  Some of his coursework included Software Systems Engineering, FMEA, FTA, and Root Cause Analysis which is where he became interested embedded control systems. To improve his knowledge of such systems, he joined LHPU where he had the chance to gain hands-on experience in control systems. At LHPU, he worked in a team successfully completing projects such as electronic throttle control and speed governor states for a Cummins 5.9L diesel engine.

He is eagerly looking forward to work for a company where he can apply his skills learned from high school through his time at LHPU. He is an exploring person, and  enjoys activities such as, playing cricket, listening to different genres of music, trying new cuisines and watching movies.