Anij Raj-LHPU Yellow Jersey for the Pontiac gasoline class

Anij Raj is the winner of the LHPU Yellow Jersey for the Pontiac gasoline class. In the beginning of the week Anij grasped the concept of CAN communication very quickly. He was able to construct the complete concept before anyone else. He was the only student in the class who could answer the critical question in the assignments without any help and then explain it to the class. He possesses good analytical skills and can communicate with clarity. Congratulations Anij!

Anij M Raj is a Master’s graduate with a degree in Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineer. He has over 1 year of experience in the automotive industry. His passion for engineering started during his childhood with machines and math and sciences. His degrees instilled in him the knowledge of various subjects like automotive powertrains, fluid dynamics, engineering mechanics, C++ programming and design.

He derived passion for automobiles when he started working for an automotive repair and fleet maintenance company where he got the opportunity to work hands on with powertrain systems of cars as an Automotive Technician. His work included dismantling and assembling engines, transmissions and working on other components of the vehicles. He would diagnose the engine and transmission with the help of snap on tools (DTC readers).  After working here, he understood how controls are a major part of the automotive system in a vehicle which led him to join LHPU. The hybrid knowledge will propel him towards his career goal as a control systems engineer.

He was a college football player and an active member of Toastmasters International (public speaking).