Rahul Surinarayana-LHPU Yellow Jersey for the Pontiac gasoline class

Rahul Surinarayana is the winner of the LHPU Yellow Jersey for the Pontiac gasoline class. He is a self-sufficient  person with a keen interest in learning the concepts. He always goes the extra mile to make sure he learns the entire concept correctly. He usually stays late after the class hours and is among the first to come in the morning. He is determined and a good team player and was able to implement the Minimum Governor and explain it to all of his team members. Congratulations Rahul!

Rahul Surianarayanan is an engineering graduate from Kettering University with a Master of Science in Automotive Systems. His joy towards engineering started when he took his Toyota off-roading for the first time. He enjoyed the adrenaline and dynamics of the vehicle.

Rahul has always kept himself busy with automotive academic projects and hands-on experience. After he received his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Hindustan University, India, he chose to work as an Automotive Technician to increase his knowledge in the fundamentals of automotive service and repair. At Kettering University, he led funded research projects on CFD analysis for diesel and direct injection natural gas engines to reduce emissions.

One of the important aspects of his thesis was designing a wave protrusion using SolidWorks. He used AVL Fire to run simulations on the pistons to analyze the emissions from the diesel engine. He also resolved the problem of poor air-fuel interaction near the center of deep bowls through a deflector ring design.

In Rahul’s free time he likes to fly drones, take long drives, skateboard and skiing on fresh snow!