Shravan Kasam-Yellow Jersey Winner- Columbus AFSB

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the week 1 LHPU Yellow Jersey winner of our current Columbus AFSB class.  Shravan Kasam learned CAN terminology with ease and was the first to complete all assignments of CAN layers.  He performed well while decoding diagnostic trouble codes for CAN messages.  He gladly assisted classmates who weren’t clear with the concepts of PGN, SPN and Little Endian, showing his willingness to work as a team member.   Congrats Shravan!

Shravan Kasam is a Master’s graduate in Computer Engineering from the University of North Texas. He completed his Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering from SR Engineering College in Warangal, India. As a young child, Shravan would purposely crash his remote-control toys with the intention of trying to then fix them. Over time, he learned that it is engineering that can fix what is broken (not only toys, but also machines large and small). This is how his passion for engineering grew with age.

During his Bachelor’s, Shravan gained experience building and coding circuits. He was also chairman of the Robotics Club in college where he attended workshops to expand his skill set to include Arduino and Embedded C. During his Master’s, he recited a lab, helping students with MATLAB programming and Simulink.

Shravan enjoys playing cricket, traveling and photography. His training at LHPU will help him to improve his knowledge on code generation and calibration tools used in the automotive industry. He feels his current experiences will bring him a step closer to his dream job in the Embedded Controls domain.

Shravan is attached to this email if you’d like to reach out to him. You also have access to his resume through the attachment.