Akhil Sai Pabbu-Columbus AFSB Week 3 Yellow Jersey Winner!

With another week past, we have a new Yellow Jersey winner out of the LHPU Automotive Functional Safety Class.  I’m pleased to introduce Akhil Sai Pabbu to you.  Akhil has impressive skills using MATLAB and Simulink. He implemented the logics of engine state declaration, setpoint and state manager of minimum governor quickly and with ease.  He was instrumental in his teammates’ understanding of the engine controller as he was able to clearly explain those concepts to them.  Akhil is also conscientious when it comes to finding precise results.

Akhil Sai Pabbu is a graduate from Wright State University where he completed his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, with a specialization in Controls and Robotics.  At an early age, he used to wonder how the axles of long trucks and busses worked. Later in life, when he learned about slip differential, his fascination with engineering started. Google’s Project Fi and Project Loon relating to communications created a deeper passion that helped him decide on Electronics and Communications Engineering for his Bachelor’s studies.  

Akhil became a member of a robotics club during his undergrad.  This experience in designing and building robots led him to his decision for his Master’s degree.  During his thesis work, through using Simulink and building microcontrollers, he became familiar with some of the tools used in the embedded controls field. While at LHPU, he has been able to build on this already laid foundation, as well as improve his professional skills.

Akhil enjoys editing pictures and videos, designing logos and other creative pieces using Adobe tools.  He likes to write reviews of electronic gadgets on social media, as well as work on his car.