Week 1 Yellow Jersey Winner- Harika Lakkaraju

We’ve started the final Columbus-based functional safety boot camp of the year and are pleased to announce the week 1 Yellow Jersey Winner for this batch.  Harika Lakkaraju was eager to learn the concepts of CAN communication during week 1.  It took her little time to become comfortable with the different layers of J1939 specifications. She quickly identified some of the mistakes from the CAN document. Harika was very helpful to her colleagues when explaining the concepts of PGN, SPN , Peer to Peer, and Broadcast BAM.  She doesn’t hesitate to ask questions that will allow her to hone her skills, and she is an obvious, natural team player.

Harika Lakkaraju completed her Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering and her Masters in Embedded Systems from JNTU in India.   She developed a fascination during her microcontrollers class and this is what led her down the Embedded Controls engineering path.

During her Master’s, Harika worked on designing an assistive text and product label reader for hand-held objects for blind persons using Matlab and Embedded C. She has experience with SQL Server and Oracle also.  She attended classes at McDowell Education Center and Ivy Tech to improve her communication skills and is currently going to Toastmasters to improve her presentation skills. With solid knowledge in controller design and simulation using Simulink, she has joined LHPU to kick start her professional career.

Harika came to Columbus in March 2016 and took some time to explore the US culture. She has great interest in learning new things, and adapts easily to new situations. She serves her community through volunteering and has volunteered as a math and computer teacher at McDowell Education Center and doing data entry at Engage Columbus. Harika also enjoys cooking and traveling.

Harika’s resume is attached and she is copied to this email if you’d like to congratulate her.