Week 2 Yellow Jersey Winner- Suyash Kulkarni

Our week 2 Yellow Jersey Winner is Suyash Kulkarni. Suyash arrives early every day and doesn’t waste any time getting started with some sort of activity to better himself.   He has a very good understanding of the concepts presented and taught thus far. He effectively explained the concept of the PID controller and saturation dynamic to a colleague that was a little behind. He learned how to write CAN messages and implemented them on the Distributed Control System of an electronic throttle. Suyash is a great speaker and overall quick learner.

Suyash Kulkarni is currently pursuing his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati and has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Shivaji University in India. His passion towards multi-disciplinary engineering products drove him towards Controls/Automation, where his understanding of the physics behind Mechanical processes has proven beneficial while developing control strategies.

Suyash’s final project during his undergrad involved the use of a shape memory alloy as an actuator for a mobile robot. His team developed a controller for the actuator, which further drove him towards his field of choice in his graduate studies. In his graduate career, he has used MATLAB extensively in his research for developing localization algorithms and Simulink for system models. His projects also involve developing control strategies on PLCs, writing ladder logic programs and using data analytics in the Manufacturing area. He joined LHPU to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and hands on applications of Embedded Controls.

Besides working with robots, Suyash likes to cook and is a fan of southern style cooking. In his free time, he enjoys watching historical documentaries and reading about history.