Week 3 Yellow Jersey Winner- Tejas Parge

Our third week Yellow Jersey Winner is Tejas Parge.  He has put in serious work to learn Simulink and MATLAB. While working on the minimum governor strategy for the diesel engine, he was able to clearly communicate his strategies to team members . He is highly effective at observing the results from plots and graphs. Tejas takes his responsibilities as an LHPU student and team member seriously and is always well prepared.

Tejas Parge completed his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI in May 2017.  He has always been intrigued by robotics and mechanical systems due to a contest held in India every year called ROBOCON. Performing in this competition and representing his undergrad college in India on a national level was the main reason for him choosing the engineering field.

During his Master’s, Tejas had the opportunity to work on an automotive safety project which included vision sensor development for a BMW Vehicle. During this time, he gained experience with in-vehicle testing for sensor data collection and validating that data using company specified software tools. Apart from this experience he was working as an energy audit engineer which mainly involved team audits. This helped him to develop his leadership and teamwork skills. He became familiar with MATLAB and SIMULINK during his Automotive Control course and decided to join LHPU so he could acquire in-depth knowledge of embedded controls used in the automotive industry.

Apart from his work, Tejas likes to cook, read (big Game of Thrones fan) and go for a run.