AFSB Week 4 Yellow Jersey Winner

Our week 4 Yellow Jersey Winner is Shreyansh Kothari.  He is a punctual participant in the current course who is always prepared for the next step.  The way he implemented the Minimum and Maximum Governor strategies was very unique from his colleagues. His explanation of the diesel engine model based design was very clear and well communicated. He doesn’t hesitate to ask questions to keep his mind moving forward.

Shreyansh Kothari graduated this past May with a Purdue Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  He completed his undergrad in Electronics and Communications.  His vast interest in electronics during his childhood prompted him to pursue this career path.  His first project in his undergrad, with an automatic street light, allowed him to learn about the various components used in electronics.  His knowledge base has been broadening ever since.

A stellar GPA during Shreyansh’s undergrad opened the door for many opportunities and he was awarded the “Excellent Top Ranker of the Year Award” as well as rewarded with a cash prize.  He has taken advantage of several internship positions where he has been able to work on various communications and technology projects.  In addition to these, he has also worked on a variety of other projects to expand his experiences such as with an RC aircraft, line follower robot, and gesture controlled robot to name a few. During his Master’s, he developed and embedded an image processing algorithm for Device 1 GDSP by Trilithic, Inc.

Shreyansh likes to play table tennis and volleyball and volunteer at technical events in his free time.