AFSB Week 5 Yellow Jersey Winner

Our final Yellow Jersey Winner for this batch is Ankit Wagh.  Ankit has shown enthusiasm over learning the concepts of engine controls since beginning the course.  Due to his solid understanding of the physics of the mechanical system, he has been quick to implement codes using Simulink and MATLAB. Ankit has excelled on all course exams, receiving top scores each time.

Ankit Wagh completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, the latter from the University of Cincinnati. His curiosity for understanding the mechanics of physical systems, and his passion towards automobiles and energy systems drove him toward the Mechanical Engineering field.

Ankit participated in the SAE BAJA competition and was extensively involved in designing and developing different systems in an all-terrain vehicle. This opportunity provided him hands-on experience in mechanical design and honed leadership, problem-solving and teamwork skills. He participated in a myriad of sport and technical events during his undergrad and has consistently been among top rankers. He has experience in Tier 1 automotive industry and was exposed to functional testing of mechatronic components such as EGR valves and engine oil pumps. He joined LHPU to learn embedded controls with a focus on Functional Safety using ISO 26262 and gain in-depth knowledge of implementing control strategies in Simulink and MATLAB.

Ankit enjoys travelling and exploring as well as playing sports such as racquetball, tennis, football and cricket. He is also fond of adventure sports and has experienced Tyrolean traversing, scuba diving, skiing, snorkeling and kayaking.