Shreshta Salunke – San Antonio Performance Engineering Yellow Jersey Winner

Shreshta Salunke is the yellow jersey winner for the San Antonio Performance Engineering bootcamp.  Shreshta took the initiative to run the engine and combustion analysis using National Instruments’ SCM to interface with the controller.  She calibrated the engine coolant pump to regulate the temperature from heating above the set temperature.  She is skilled with concepts of thermodynamics of the combustion cycle of an engine.  Congratulations Shreshta!

Shreshta Salunke interned at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited where she worked closely with the team assisting the engineers in the assembly of jet engines.  She learned to work in cross-functional teams and dealing with people in a professional environment. She was awarded 2nd prize for best project of ‘Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Blended Wing Body and B2 Wing’ by the Department of Aeronautical Engineering at her college. BWB & B2 wing are under research for new application possibility and necessity of modification. During the project, Shreshta developed her research skills, intelligent behaviors and thinking strategies which will help her in the future. At LHPU, she received hands-on experience with engine calibration and control of an M274 Nissan-built – 2L DI turbocharged engine for performance testing.

Shreshta’s interest in engineering began as a child when she used to hear her father’s experiences of manufacturing airplanes, which later encouraged her to attain an Aeronautical Engineering degree as her undergrad. During her college experience, she realized that by taking up mechanical engineering, she would be able to develop modern technologies that can make the world cleaner and greener.  Shreshta holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University-Kingsville and a Bachelor’s in Aeronautical Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in India. In her free time, Shreshta loves to explore the imaginary worlds by reading books and novels.