Abhishek Potdar- Yellow Jersey Week 1 – AFSB Gasoline Course

Abhishek Potdar is the week one winner of the LHPU Yellow Jersey for the Pontiac gasoline class. He was selected by our controls instructor Mike Gallagher because he is eager to learn and very engaged in the class.  He also worked very hard with his group on ETC, PI Controller and ECU program development. He is very punctual and has a great attitude. Congratulations Abhishek!

Abhishek Sukumar Potdar’s passion for engineering began as a child when he tinkered with small projects because he was curious about how machines work. A few years later he was assisting with the design and development of an all-terrain vehicle for SAE Baja. He went on to earn his Master’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. During this time, he expanded his interests and worked on Embedded Control systems.  He gained valuable experience working on several projects such as a SUGV (Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle) and a UAV (Unmanned Arial Vehicle).  He is confident that his training and experience at LHPU will help him on his desired career path of working with Autonomous vehicles.

In addition to his engineering abilities, Abhishek also obtained valuable customer service skills while working for an electrical utility company in India.  In this position, he was responsible for analysis of system parameters and providing technical solutions to customers. His hobbies include playing ping pong, traveling and watching science fiction movies.  He also enjoys staying current on the latest engineering technology.