Sumanth Sika- Yellow Jersey Winner Week 2 – AFSB Gasoline Course

Sumanth Sika is the week two winner of the LHPU Yellow Jersey for the Pontiac gasoline class. He was selected because of his excellent work course CAN assignments.  He is also very enthusiastic about learning and helpful to other students in the class. Congratulations Sumanth!

Sumanth is an Electrical Engineer with a Master’ from California State University Long Beach.  His interest in engineering began as a child we he thought about and examined how cars started and moved forward.  This curiosity led him to pursue engineering, where he could study about motors and control systems.

While working on his degrees, Sumanth led project teams that built a rectifier, DC-DC converter and a low power solar inverter.  He also gained hands-on experience using AutoCAD, MATLAB, Simulink and MotoHawk. He joined LHPU to learn more about embedded controls and would like to work with hybrid vehicles during his career.

Besides being a technology freak, Sumanth is also interested in activities such as singing and playing guitar.  Additionally, he loves to travel, spend time with friends and play sports such as cricket, badminton and squash.