Sainath Reddy- Week 4 Yellow Jersey Winner- AFSB Gasoline Course

Sainath Reddy Sudhireddy is the week four LHPU Yellow Jersey winner from Pontiac. He was selected because of his positive attitude, dependability and excellent course work with minimum governors. Congratulations Sainath!

Sainath earned a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. His strong interest in mathematics and physics led him to pursue a career with engineering.

Sainath gained valuable experience when he developed a mobile application while working as a control systems engineering intern.  The application monitored an automobile driver’s health status and used an ARM 7 microcontroller.  The application was also connected to a global system.  As a student, Sainath was very active.  He was vice president of a student association and coordinated a “surface computing” workshop.  He also developed many interesting projects such as an integrated photovoltaic system.

Sainath is looking forward to starting his career.  He is confident that the skills he learned from LHPU, will assist him with obtaining a position as a controls engineer. His hobbies include playing cricket, listening to music and watching movies. Sainath is also extremely dedicated to his work and does not let obstacles get in his way.