Sai Praveen Reddy – Week 1 Yellow Jersey Winner- AFSB Diesel Course

Our first Yellow Jersey Winner for our current Columbus course is Sai Praveen Reddy Atla.  Praveen was selected due his ability to grasp the CAN concepts quickly and complete the assignments ahead of other class members.  He assisted his classmates with their understanding as well, showing his willingness to be a leader with his expertise. In the class he was an active participant, asking excellent questions. He was also able to figure out many of the concepts on his own.

Praveen completed his Master’s in Electrical Engineering while attending the University of New Haven, Connecticut. His interest in the engineering world developed during his teen years when he spent time playing with remote controlled devices.  He found a curiosity surrounding how they worked to communicate with each other.  In researching RC devices, he learned that the applications allowing the control of them lies within the embedded controls.

His thirst for all things embedded controls didn’t end there.   During his Bachelor’s, Praveen took part in a project involving a home automation system based on embedded controls where a smart phone’s Bluetooth capabilities were used to control home devices and appliances.  The system was designed to assist in fulfilling the needs of the elderly and people with disabilities living at home.  Keeping in line with his interest in embedded controls, Praveen is attending LHPU to gain hands-on experience that will support his theoretical knowledge.

Praveen enjoys reading industry blogs to keep up to date with new developments and technologies.  Outside of the engineering world, he enjoys playing cricket.