LHPU’s hands-on training, coaching, and mentoring helps our graduates get jobs and outperform their peers. But don’t take our word for it – read below for testimonials of successful LHPU graduates.

“LHPU provided hands-on, cutting-edge technical training and essential soft skills training to help me ease my way back into the industry.”

Amruta Bhave
LHPU “Fundamentals of Controls System- Gasoline” graduate
October 2016

“LHPU has a holistic approach to training its students. It trains students in both; the technical skills that are required in the industry, as well as the soft skills that are necessary to advertise themselves as eligible candidates for employment.”

Vinod Venkatesan
LHPU “Fundamentals of Controls System- Gasoline ” graduate
August 2016

“LHPU training was one of the best academic/professional experience I’ve ever had. The projects here gave a considerable degree of visibility to my resume which helped kick-start my career in the automotive industry.”

Arham Abedin
LHPU “Fundamentals of Controls System-Diesel” graduate
June 2016

“A fresh graduate with no job and having a timer tick each day off of the 90 day period to find work can be intimidating. I was one among several such university students. At that point I really wished to seek a direction and joining LHPU was one of the best decisions that I made. Those 6 weeks of intensive training bolstered my resume and boosted my confidence in job search. I will forever be grateful to all the help and support given to me by the staff at LHPU.”

Mandhuri Ravikumar
LHPU “Fundamentals of Controls System-Diesel” graduate
June 2016

“LHPU helped me to connect dots between academic experience and potential career. Even though I have little background in controls prior to joining LHPU I was not able to meet the industry standards. LHPU helped me to attain all the necessary skills to survive industry standards.”

Easwar Kumar
LHPU “Fundamentals of Controls System- Diesel” graduate
June 2016

“LHPU helped me by giving the kick start in my career and lightened my path to enter the industry. The knowledge, soft-skills and hands-on experience I gained through LHPU is priceless and one of its kind. ”

Akhil Shine 
LHPU “Fundamentals of Control Systems- Diesel” graduate
June 2016

“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation. Professional training at LHPU has really helped in bridging the gap between academics and industry. Control strategy development using model-based design was a key feature of this training which I enjoyed most.  This training helped me to crack the interviews and to land in my dream job. I would strongly recommend ‘Fundamentals of Control Systems’ to anyone who would like to advance their career in controls and automotive domain.”

Sandeep Borra
LHPU “Fundamentals of Control Systems- Gasoline” graduate
May 2016

“LHPU provided me the arsenal needed to start my career, and my dream to work in automotive industry”

Siddhartha Pasumarthi
LHPU LHPU “Fundamentals of Controls System- Diesel” graduate
November 2015

“I’ve always had a passion for learning and distinguishing myself. Though, graduating from school and wanting to work in the automotive controls industry felt like a daunting task. LHPU helped me not only find a career I love, but made that transition into my new role smooth. With the knowledge I learned though LHPU, the learning curve for me at my new role was much smaller and allowed me to make an impact quickly.
I highly recommend LHPU to anyone looking to distinguish themselves and add confidence to their skillset!”

Joshua Jones
LHPU “Fundamentals of Control Systems- Diesel” graduate
July 2015

“Enrolling in LHPU’s ‘Fundamentals of Control Systems – Diesel’ was a valuable investment for me. It helped me find the missing link between school and industry in less than 6 weeks. In addition to giving me very useful experience, the training raised the value and visibility of my resume by giving me the edge of hands-on experience over other recent graduates. Becoming a controls engineer was my dream for a very long time and LHPU helped me make it a reality!

I would strongly recommend this training for anyone who is passionate about Controls and wants to get some industry standard training to go into a new career with extra confidence and be successful!”

Venkitachalam Parameswaran
LHPU “Fundamentals of Control Systems – Diesel” graduate
October 2013

“The ‘Fundamentals of Controls Systems – Diesel’ SAE certificate course offered by LHPU enhanced my profile to get more job interviews by adding an edge of Controls knowledge which is in high demand in the current engineering market. The hands-on final engine project to run an engine using our own-built controls strategy helped me consolidate concepts I learned during class and build confidence while talking in job interviews. This is definitely a good course for people hoping to gain good knowledge and embark on a career in the area of Controls.”

Shirish Patil
LHPU “Fundamentals of Control Systems – Diesel” graduate
June 2013

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