Workshop Overview

This two-day, hands-on, intensive workshop describes how to develop and safeguard safety-critical, embedded software in serial projects with Simulink® in compliance with ISO 26262 (part 6).

The workshop begins with a general overview of the ISO standard, then dives deeper into the specific requirements of ISO 26262 that are relevant to Model-based development. We address the impact the standard has had on model-based development with Simulink®, as well as the requirements for model and software architecture in safety-critical software. The workshop is concluded by assessing the ISO 26262 readiness of controller functions.

Throughout the course, many theoretical examples will be discussed so that you can take the learnings and apply them on the job.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Developing safety-critical software in compliance with ISO 26262
  • Impact of ISO 26262 on development of embedded software with Simulink®
  • Model architectures for safety- critical software
  • Ensuring ISO 26262 compliant models with modelling guidelines and complexity metrics
  • ISO 26262 compliant testing for model-based SW development
  • Tool qualification
  • Prioritization of ISO26262 requirements for process adaptation

Workshop Logistics

Bring a computer with a MATLAB® license v. R2009b-R2017b (with Simulink® and Stateflow®. A V&V license is optional) and any models that you want to test. Full featured evaluation licenses for the following tools will be provided:

Licenses Available

  • MES Model Examiner® (MXAM): Automated Guideline Checking and Management
    • Efficiently ensure ISO 26262-compliant models (181 checks)
    • Key Features include Report Generation, Auto-Fix, and Managing Exceptions
  • MES M-XRAY ® (MXRAY): Complexity Management and Clone Group Detection
    • Ensure compliance with ISO 26262
    • Complexity assessment of Simulink®, Stateflow® models
      • Clear visualization of model architecture and structural complexity
    • Example uses: Determine if a Subsystem is testable, understandable, or should be broken into multiple Subsystems
  • MES Test Manager® (MTest): Professional Framework for Requirements-based Testing
    • ISO 26262-compliant testing and evaluation for MiL, SiL, and PiL simulation
    • Key Features include Batch Processing, Testing Individual Subsystems, Requirements Coverage, Model Coverage (requires V&V license), Multiple Methods for Specifying Test Vectors, Back-to-Back Testing, Creating Assertions to Indicate Pass/Fail, Report Generation for ISO 26262 compliance

Target Audience:

This class is designed for developers, testers, quality managers, project managers and team leaders focused on the model-based development of safety-critical embedded software using MATLAB®/Simulink®. Only basic modelling knowledge with Simulink® and Stateflow® is assumed.


Highlight of the agenda for this two-day, hands-on, workshop.

Day 1

  • Welcome & introductions
  • Overview: Model-Based Software Development with Simulink®
  • Safety-Related Software Development According to ISO 26262
  • ISO 26262 Compliant Development Process
  • Design of Model and Software Architecture
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Model Architecture

Day 2

  • Safeguarding model quality: modelling guidelines
  • Tool qualification
  • Safeguarding model quality: model testing
  • Priorities for process adoptions towards compliance with ISO 26262


Course Price

MBD with ISO 26262
This one-time payment of $1,995 secures your spot in the upcoming course


Location: 2800 Centerpoint Parkway Pontiac, MI 48431
March 13 – March 14, 2018
May 14 – May 15, 2018

Location: 1888 Poshard Drive Columbus, IN 47203
October 23 – October 24, 2018



Michigan Engineering Center
2800 Centerpoint Parkway
Pontiac, MI 48341

Partnered with Model Engineering Solutions

Model Engineering Solutions GmbH (MES) is a German model-based software development company, founded in 2006. MES is structured along three main areas, MES Quality Tools, MES Test Center, and MES Academy, offering ideal support for integrated quality assurance to fulfill standards like IEC 61508, ISO 26262, and ASPICE. MES clients include OEMs and suppliers to the automotive industry as well as in automation technology. MES is a TargetLink® Strategic Partner of dSPACE and a MathWorks and ETAS Product Partner.