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2-Day IOT Training Using Microsoft Power BI

Demystifying how Big Data moves our world is essential in today’s economy.  A multitude of devices “talking” to each other are barraging the Internet with large amounts of data.  Providing the foundation for a connected community, the Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses the ability to analyze that data to reveal pathways and trends relevant to your company’s growth.


LHP’s IoT training provides an end-to-end overview of data’s track through cyberspace.  Our 2-day course removes the perplexity of IoT, Big Data, cloud computing, predictive learning, and artificial intelligence, leaving you with a higher confidence in your analytical and technological capabilities through hands-on usage of Microsoft’s Power BI tool and other interactive activities.

The curriculum was developed by LHP technological leaders who have more than 75 collective years of expertise in data and computer science, networking, manufacturing and finance systems, and advanced data analytics/intelligence.  Paired with the psychology background of our instructors, the course is tailored around how the mind learns best.  Seeking to ensure that “this isn’t rocket science,” the course is designed for student comprehension and applicable to daily life.

Learning Objectives

Translate end-to-end connectivity using cloud computing and machine learning

Demonstrate critical thinking in qualifying strengths and limitations of the data, methods used, and conclusions using Power BI

Build a consistent, clear, and concise data model joining multiple data tables using Power BI

Demonstrate how to build story-telling visualizations based on a Power BI dashboard

Who Should Attend?

Individuals who want to learn the pathway of data and where it originates, how it gets captured and formed, what is done with it, and use the analysis of data to drive logical decisions.

Individuals interested in a data science career, want to know more about how the data world works or want to improve their analytical capabilities.

Prerequisite: Basic exposure to Microsoft Office

Experienced technology professionals who are looking to fill knowledge gaps will benefit from the comprehensive overview.

Agenda & Dates

Required Equipment

Computer loaded with Microsoft PowerBI tool- LHP can provide if needed to download software.


Pricing & Registration

2-Day IoT Training using Microsoft Power BI
$1,495/ Seat
Scheduled training is given at LHP facilities
Customized training is available onsite at your location- 15 person maximum. Contact LHPU for more details

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