This page is dedicated to the more than 750 alumni that have graduated from an LHPU training course! Our alumni network is important to us, and we are here to help support you no matter where you are in your career's journey.

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Congratulations to our newest LHPU alumni members!

october 6 group


To the left, the October 6th, Pontiac, Fundamentals of Automotive Functional Safety Control Systems Using ISO 26262 cohort


To the right, the September 21st, Pontiac, Intro to Autonomous Mobility cohort

sept 21 class pic

Know someone who could benefit from the experience of LHPU training?

As an alumni, you are eligible for a referral bonus for anyone  you refer who enrolls and completes a 6-week bootcamp. Currently, the referral bonus is $500! Our 2021 schedule will be releasing soon, so let your friends, family, and acquaintances know what LHPU can do for a person's career.  Direct them to our website, or pass along a LHPU team members' contact information.

Currently job searching? Keep these tips and resources in mind.

Job Searching is an ongoing process. It isn’t just about applying for jobs and hoping you get picked for an interview. Here are some helpful reminders for your job search:

Helpful Tips

  • Tailor each resume you send for specific job postings/descriptions
  • Keep notes on your job search progress, including dates and names, job IDs
  • Send thank you notes and have appropriate follow up
  • STAY POSITIVE and continue to practice and improve

Helpful Resources

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