The Intro to Autonomous Mobility Course 2.0 is a program offered at LHPU to help aspiring engineers and current engineers understand autonomous technologies’ functions. With real-world, hands-on experience, this course provides our students with the knowledge they need to further their careers with the automotive technology of the future.

Path Planning Module

This autonomous course is broken down into separate modules, focusing on essential components of autonomous mobility. After the overview of functional safety, basics of systems architecture, and senor technologies, students will dive into the path planning module.

Path planning is the logic and algorithms that determine where you want the vehicle to go. Though path planning is one of the most challenging modules in this course, it is a very important part of the functional safety of any autonomous machine, especially vehicles.

In this module, students will learn how to integrate all technologies into an autonomous vehicle platform with a hands-on understanding of perception, path planning, action prediction, and obstacle avoidance.

Learn More About Path Planning in Autonomous Technologies

If you are an engineer looking to elevate your skills in your career or if you are an aspiring engineer looking to learn more about the future of automotive technology, LHPU has multiple course programs to fit into your schedule and provide you with real hands-on experience and knowledge.

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