At LHPU, one of our most popular and quickly evolving course is the Intro to Autonomous Mobility course. Throughout this course, LHPU students will learn the basics of perception, localization, control, and technology integration, as well as many programming skills that are highly sought after in many engineering candidates.

What are C++ and Python Programming?

C++ and Python are general-purpose programming languages that are heavily used in the world of autonomous engineering. With these programming capabilities, LHPU students can configure various kinds of outputs.

We do not require students to be fluent in either C++ or Python before beginning the course, but it does help to have some idea of these programs before. However, you will learn everything you need to know about them in the courses.

Why Learn C++ and Python?

Having prior knowledge and experience in these two programs is a huge benefit to our students in their career search. The future is all about autonomy, and most hiring managers will be looking for candidates who have experience in these programming languages.

Learn More About C++ and Python Programming at LHPU

If you are interested in learning more about C++ and Python programming at LHPU, contact us today! You can also browse our website to see the other courses we offer and learn more about LHPU!

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