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Automotive Cyber Security 3-Day Hands-On Workshop

Tying together topics around safety, reliability, resilience and privacy by properly applying cyber security

Workshop Overview

Throughout the 3-day workshop, participants gain relevant, hands-on, practical learning of the industry’s latest automotive Cyber Security trends and best practices. The course will dive into the commonalities between the ISO 26262 safety standard and the related Cyber Security standards while showing its true impact on the automotive industry. Additionally, participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of the common tools, methods, and framework used to establish the product, hardware, and software for the safety development lifecycle.

Throughout the workshop, multiple examples will be presented to allow for hands-on application of theory and techniques. 


Highlight of the agenda for this three-day workshop

Day 1 – Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Management

Divided into 2 sessions, day 1 provides an understanding of adopting modern Cyber Security from perspectives of an executive and manager. Discussions are based on the associated challenges and solutions of improving security across the organization.

  • Litigation, legislation, regulation, and standardization
  • Trustworthiness: safety, reliability, security, resilience, and privacy concerns
  • Benefits of rigorous Cyber Security process
  • Incident response and working with the research community
  • Organization, processes and procedures, technical implementation and techniques
  • Discussions on supply chain, AUTOSAR, and the future direction of automotive Cyber Security

Day 2- Introduction to SAE J3061

Day 2 introduces the common tools and best practices related to SAE J3061 validation and verification. Participants will be introduced to the Cyber Security lifecycle development.

  • Introduction to SAE J3061 and comparison to ISO 26262
  • Establish a security lifecycle using the standard as a framework
  • Familiarization with the most common tools and methods used for verification and validation
  • Guidelines to manage security and activities

DAY 3- Introduction to ISO 21434

Day 3 address real-world scenarios as they relate to the current ISO 21434 drafted standard. Through hands-on activities, participants will experience best practices in applying ISO 21434 (draft).

  • Introduction to the ISO 21434 standard and comparison to ISO 26262
  • Establish a framework for product, hardware, and software development
  • Examine risk assessment approaches
  • Compare and contrast the frameworks of J3061 and 21434 (draft)

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About the Trainer

Sven Schrecker- Headshot

Sven Schrecker, LHP’s Vice President and Chief Architect of Cyber Security, has 23 years of industry experience, most recently 15 years with Intel as Chief Architect of the IoT Security Solutions Group. Sven is the founding chair of the Industrial Internet Consortium’s Security Working Group and lead author of the Industrial Internet Security Framework. He was named a Top 50 Innovator by Smart Industry Magazine in 2016 and has over four-dozen security related patents (pending or granted).