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Design of Automotive Safety Critical Systems Using Medini

A Systematic Approach on Hardware Architectural Metrics Evaluation for Functional Safety Life Cycle

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Provide interactive practice for your engineers on how to utilize a systematic design roadmap to implement functional safety into the design.  Enhance learning with hands-on practice using the ANSYS Medini tool, specifically tailored for ISO 26262. This training course will enable your engineers to influence the design to ensure product safety and ISO 26262 standard compliance, and effectively execute a successful program.

The training course is an advanced training to implement ISO 26262 functional safety into a program’s lifecycle. The course requires the student having an understanding of the ISO 26262 concept, preferably focused on hardware.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply a systematic approach and iterative process from conception to final metrics computation
  • Apply functional safety theory using the ANSYS Medini software with hands-on training in a practice project
  • Associate different analysis types with each design/program phase
  • Explain each type of analyses and their relationship among each other
  • Illustrate steps from analysis preparation through metrics evaluation
  • Showcase how to use analyses results to influence, improve, and validate the design
  • Provide an overview on similarities and differences between system level and vehicle level safety analyses


  • Systematic Design Roadmap Overview
  • Analysis Type and Work Flow
  • Program Phases, and Associated Analyses
  • Analyses Types and Relationship (Each Type with Hands-On Medini Practice)
  • Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Safety Goals and Requirements
  • System Design
  • Safety Analyses
  • Report Creation

Course Dates

Price Per Seat
$2,495 per seat
Minimum of 5 seats per class
On-Site at Customer Location
$29,995 for 20 engineers
On-site at customer location