Sensor Technologies

As a student at LHPU, you have the opportunity to learn various technologies, with real-world experience, that can help you get a leg above the competition in your career search. One very important technology you can gain experience with at LHPU is sensor technology.

What is Sensor Technology?

Sensor technology is the use of different types of sensors, such as sonar, radar, lidar, and cameras, to try and navigate the route of a vehicle based on any obstacle it detects.

  • Sonar is best for short-distance object predictions, up to three meters. The major use of sonar is for parking assistance and lane changing assistance.
  • Radar is used for long-range object detections. Say you have an obstacle 70 meters ahead and your traveling at a high speed, the radar will be able to see that object and communicate to the car to slow it down.
  • LiDAR is a 360-degree view around the vehicle, which is best for shorter range object detection.
  • Camera sensors are the eyes of the car that can detect colors, obstacles, and objects based on various orientations.

Why Learn Sensor Technologies?

With the continuous growth of the autonomous vehicle industry, many hiring managers will be looking for candidates with sensor technology knowledge and experience.

As a graduate of LHPU, you will be able to learn each of these sensor types so that you can extract data points and understand sensor fusion.

Learn More About Sensor Technology

If you are interested in learning more about sensor technologies in our courses at LHPU, contact us today with any questions!

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