1. Do I have to pay LHPU if I get a job outside the controls industry?  Do I have to pay LHPU if LHPU does not help me find a job?
    Yes.  LHPU is an educational institution.  You are paying for valuable embedded controls training which provides you exposure to the necessary skillset you need for the controls engineering industry.

  2. Can you sponsor my STEM OPT?
    No. Per the 24-Month STEM OPT rule that became effective on May 9, 2016, employers may only sponsor their employees. No employer-employee relationship will exist between LHPU and the trainees enrolled in the course. The trainees will not be considered employees, interns, or volunteers. Thus, neither LHP, LHPU, nor its affiliates are permitted to provide FEINs or E-Verify Numbers, or to sponsor STEM OPT for trainees enrolled in LHPU.  For further information, visit www.immigrationinplainenglish.com

  3. How long before I get a job once the course is complete?
    A lot of factors come into play.  The largest hurdle is succeeding in interpersonal skills and nailing your interview.  The needs of your potential employer, such as a filling a vacancy or a relocation package, will affect your start date.  Your success is based on how well you do in our training and your technical skillset.

  4. Who are the companies that hire LHPU graduates?
    Click here to see!

  5. If I leave and don’t complete the course, how much money do I owe?
    A student is responsible for organizing his/her schedule and informing LHP of his/her plans to attend or not to attend the LHPU Course. Fees will not be waived for nonattendance. Once a financial contract is signed, each student is obligated to pay for their courses. If a student drops/withdraws from LHPU at any time prior to completing the course, the student is obligated to pay the Full Cost of the LHPU Course. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

  6. Can I receive a refund if I send in a deposit, but do not attend an LHPU course?
    Yes, you may receive your refund if you decide to withdraw at least 7 working days from an LHPU Course BEFORE attending the course.

    The student must withdraw from the course 7 DAYS BEFORE the class start date. Otherwise, they are forfeiting their deposit. To receive a refund on your deposit, you will need to email Michael Cox (michael.cox@lhpes.com) a mailing address for your check. You will receive your refund via check 3-4 weeks after the notice.

  8. What does it mean to be ‘part of the LHPU Family’?
    When you graduate from an LHPU course, you are considered family.  Whether it is attending our Alumni events or additional placement assistance in the future, LHPU is here for you like family.

  9. Do you provide accommodations for students?
    No, however, we do have associates in both our Pontiac, Michigan location and our Columbus, Indiana location that can assist you with housing.

  10. What is the main difference between the Diesel and the Gasoline course?
    The courses are similar, however the control strategies are different.  The Diesel course is an internal combustion engine whereas the Gasoline course is based on a spark ignited strategy.  All students, regardless of the class they graduate from, have the same opportunities for employment.

  11. Can I take this course online?
    A student can take the CAN Communications (J1939 Protocol) portion of the LHPU training online.  Please contact michael.cox@lhpes.com for further details.

  12. When will I receive my offer letter from LHPU?
    Unless LHP hires you as an employee, you will not receive an offer letter.  We will, however, write a training letter for you to submit to your university that explains LHPU’s course and how it relates to your engineering discipline.  Click here to view a sample training letter