Gasoline Engine


Tuning the many electronic variables to ensure that a vehicle’s engine performs according to its mission profile ultimately relies upon a competent calibrator. Because proper calibration is a critical aspect of customer satisfaction and emissions certification, skilled calibrators are in high demand in the auto industry. This program is designed to provide a foundation for those interested in entering the field of calibration engineering through hands-on exercises and detailed instruction on the base principles of calibration.

Learning Objectives

By attending this seminar you will be able to:

  • Read and interpret software strategy from Simulink models
  • Establish calibration initial values by understanding software strategy and system physics
  • Demonstrate generalized calibration techniques by real-time calibration of electronic throttles and gasoline PFI engines
  • Relate system requirements to calibration targets
  • Demonstrate fundamentals of calibration techniques for PID feedback controls
  • Describe base requirements to start an engine from sensors, encoders, fuel delivery, spark timing, and air control
  • Calibrate model-based fueling strategy and implement Min Gov RPM control
  • Identify uses of real-time adapt strategies and calibrate feedback Pre Cat O2 controller
  • Implement calibrations for transient fueling and discuss advanced calibration topics for future learning


Course Dates & Locations

Locations & Dates:
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Gasoline Engine Calibration Course
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