At LHPU, we offer advanced engineering training programs to our students. Most of our students have a graduate degree or an undergraduate degree in engineering, predominantly in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, industrial engineering background.

Students who join our programs are really focused on their particular discipline. In order to help them achieve that goal, we provide a real-life engineering environment so they can be surrounded by the technologies they will use in their future careers.

Engineering Courses

Our programs are six weeks of fully immersed, hands-on experience with these technologies. Before coming to LHPU, many of these students have only learned through the traditional classroom setting, and there is a lot of value in those lessons.

However, there is endless value when it comes to applying those lessons in a real-life situation. And that is what LHPU provides.

Students that excel with LHPU are those who really want to accelerate their career, want to learn how to work in an engineering team, overcome challenges, develop their own personal growth as an individual and growth as an engineer, and find a job and hit the ground running.

Networking and Alumni Groups

Not only do we provide this interactive learning environment, but we really help foster the growth of our student’s careers. With our LHPU alumni group and all of the people the students meet, they will easily grow their networking contact, which will allow them to find the job they are looking for.

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If you are an engineering student who is looking to further your education and experience in a helpful and hands-on environment, LHPU has what you need. Build your network and expand your knowledge with us, and hit the ground running in your future career.

Contact us today to learn more about our six-week programs.

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