LHP Engineering Solutions is continually working on cutting edge and emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicle capabilities, electric vehicles, and different disciplines around the automotive space.

We think that there is a great benefit for aspiring automotive and mechanical engineers to be able to work with these new technologies. It allows them to have hands-on experience and the opportunity to demonstrate what they learned in their university courses.

Other than our LHPU training courses for postgraduate students, we have two programs where we help students get the experience they need with these emerging technologies.

Summer Intern Programs

During their third year of university in any engineering discipline, students can apply for our summer internship program where they can find additional learning opportunities, experiences, and network with students and professionals in their field.

Research and Development

We also offer an internship program for students already enrolled in our LHPU training courses, where they will have the opportunity to use the skills they learned in class to research and develop real applications.

This also allows the students to share their experience during the hiring process. LHPES uses recruiters to place engineers, and when the students have this experience to share, they can really stand out among the rest of the applicants.

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If you are interested in our summer internship programs, our R&D program, or our training courses, contact us today to learn more!

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