What are Demo Days at LHPU?

Demo Days are the culminating presentation of every boot camp training that we run. There’s a lot of benefit to the students presenting and demonstrating during that day, but there’s also a lot of benefits to customers that come to hear our candidate present and gauge the kind of talent that’s available for hire.

LHPU Student Presentations for Demo Days

The LHPU students really enjoy Demo Days because they finally get to present all of their knowledge that they worked hard for. They work as a team and collaborate to build a PowerPoint presentation that walks attendees through their training experience while they were with LHPU. Then they give live hands-on demonstrations of their learning.

Though these demonstrations are rehearsed, the students are working with real technology, which doesn’t always work as planned. So, as a member of the audience, you get to see the students think on their feet and problem-solve to correct any mistakes or miscalculations.

Customer Benefits at Demo Days

Our Demo Days provide our customers with the unique opportunity to see our students’ problem solve, think critically, and see their communication skills and how they can work together as a team.

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