How Does LHPU Help Hiring Managers?

As a hiring manager, one of the biggest concerns is how will this candidate perform on a team, in a real-world environment to deliver solutions in a fixed amount of time?

In addition to technical capability, which is very important, the candidate must be able to work well on a team. We work on teams, not in isolation, so it's extremely important for a person to come into a new role with the ability to show that they can be a team player and work well on a team. At LHPU, we prepare our graduates to thrive in a team-driven environment while delivering high-quality solutions.

Where Can Hiring Managers Find LHPU Graduates?

It's important to know that the candidates coming out of LHPU have performed in a pressure-packed, intensive engineering environment where they've delivered solutions. They have proven their capabilities through our training courses.  After they complete our courses, we provide the students with an opportunity to present their solutions to hiring managers during a Demo Day.

At Demo Day, hiring managers can hear directly from the candidates, receive resumes and set-up interviews with candidates they are interested in to fill their open engineering positions. We can put our graduates in communication with hiring managers anywhere across the country.

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about LHPU Demo Days, watch informational videos or get in contact with candidates that can fill your roles, visit our website and contact us with any questions you may have.