Learning Objectives

  • Describe IoT and Analytics as it pertains to today’s industries
  • Collect data during heat races using remote-controlled cars
  • Write Python scripts to upload your data to Microsoft’s Power BI
  • Configure dashboards using Power BI
  • Model your car’s generated data using Power BI
  • Predict race winners by analyzing the group’s collected data

Accelerate your career by learning Analytics using the Internet of Things

Have fun and accelerate your career by racing remote-controlled cars!  As you test your driving capabilities through heat racing, a Raspberry Pi module attached to your car will collect data in which you will analyze throughout the course.  Assemble and set up a Raspberry Pi module that you will take with you on Day 3!

Improve your knowledge of IoT analytics and how to extract important information from the vast amounts of data generated by sensors and smart devices.  IoT analytics target the unmet demand for these skills in every industry vertical.  Our team of experienced instructors will lead you in a hands-on creation of data from sensor to analytics using your heat race data. This 3-day analytics course takes you from embedded sensor configuration, developing custom visualizations and analytics, to performing predictive analytics on the telematics data you will produce while leveraging the cloud.  You will gain hands-on experience using Microsoft’s Power BI and Azure IoT industry standard tools.  Uncover the vast capabilities of IoT Hubs, Cloud Storage, Machine Learning, and Visualization Tools.

Tuition & Fees

6-Week Training
Night and Weekends Training

Course Agenda


  • IoT/Analytics Overview
  • Sensor Configuration – O/S
  • Sensor Configuration – Code
  • Azure Configuration – IoT Hub
  • Azure Configuration – Storage
  • Azure Configuration – Stream Analytics
  • Remote-Controlled Car Data Collection Implementation
  • Data Modeling – Databases 101
  • Data Modeling – Power BI
  • Data Modeling – Excel Reporting
  • Data Modeling Implementation using Remote-Controlled Cars
  • Data Modeling & Machine Learning – Connecting the Dots
  • Machine Learning 101
  • Machine Learning – Supervised Learning
  • Machine Learning – Web Services
  • Machine Learning Implementation using Remote-Controlled Cars
  • IoT/Analytics – Final Concepts
  • Demonstrations – Final Results
  • Demonstrations – Predictions

What Will You Learn?

Each student will receive a brand new:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Single Board Computer
  • Raspberry Pi Sense HAT by AstroPi
  • Raspberry Pi Micro USB Power Supply
  • Raspberry Pi Official Case
  • 16GB MicroSD Card w/SD Adapter
  • LHP Portable Power Brick

This kit comprises the baseline sensor device that will drive the IoT Analytics training. Students will then take the kit with them upon completion of the class.

Students will gain hands-on experience with the following technologies and components:

  • IoT Operating System
  • IoT Hubs
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Visualization Tools

The class is centered around gathering telemetry data from heat racing of R/C cars with the Raspberry Pi device attached. The raw telemetry data and race results will be utilized throughout the week.

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