Course Overview

5-day Functional Safety Certified Automotive Engineering training with certification exam


Course Dates & Locations

Below you will find payment registration for the Functional Safety training with an optional FSCAE certification exam. Choose the training type and proceed to the registration page.


February 10 - 14

June 22 - 26

October 19 - 23

April 10 - 14

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1- Day
1 Day of Automotive Functional Safety Training- No exam included
2- Day
2 Days of Automotive Functional Safety Training- No exam included
3- Day
3 Days of Automotive Functional Safety Training- No exam included
4- Day Training Only
4 Days of Automotive Functional Safety Training- No exam included
5- Day Training + Exam
5 Days of Automotive Functional Safety Training + the qualifying exam for FSCAE Certification on the 5th day

Training Agenda

Day 1

Introductory topics of Functional Safety Management and Risk analysis, using ISO 26262 concepts, are discussed in detail, including worked examples.

  • Introduction to Functional Safety Process
  • Overview of Documentation requirements
  • Overview of Management and Technical activities throughout the safety life-cycle phases
  • Practical Exercises demonstrating Risk analysis
  • FSM and concept development

Day 2 & 3

System Level and Hardware Level Implementation of ISO 26262

System development, technical safety concepts, system and hardware development. Evaluation of Safety Goals and Hardware Architecture using Failure Mode Effect and Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA).

  • Technical concept design of a system and its elements
  • Topic addressed in relation to interface definition and Second tier suppliers
  • In-depth interaction of safety-oriented hardware development processes
  • Under FMEDA methodology, the following are presented:
    • Required safety demonstration methods
    • Calculation of Single-point fault metric & Latent fault metric

Day 4

Software Level Implementation of ISO 26262

ISO 26262 establishes further software-related requirements focused on Functional Safety. The workshop presents the additional demands including the relevant techniques and measures corresponding to the relevant ASIL made on software development and their practical implementation in an illustrative manner.

  • Briefing for all Software oriented personnel
  • Validation tools and applying COTS
  • Examples of architecture related to project and compiler considerations
  • Software development phases
  • Specific requirements for Implementation and testing
  • Validation and documentation features per ISO 26262

Day 5

Qualified participants will take the FSCAE qualification test. Attendance of all 4 workshops is a prerequisite.

  • FSCAE Certification
  • Qualification is valid for 3 years
  • Can be extended for 3 years by attending a follow-up workshop & passing repeated test

Further FSCAE certification can be achieved by individuals demonstrating work on relevant safety projects for at least the past 4 years, and successfully passing the safety audit by TÜV-NORD

ISO 26262 Re-Certification

If you have already completed the 5 day TUV NORD ISO 26262 Standard Training and would like to re-take the FSCAE Examination Proceed to the Payment Page.

Day 4 of Training + FSCAE Examination on Day 5

ISO 26262 Training + Exam FAQs


Partnered with TÜV-NORD

LHPU and TÜV-NORD have partnered to offer training and certification under TÜV NORD`s market leading “Functional Safety Certified Automotive Engineer” (FSCAE) program. TÜV NORD, an internationally recognized and certified organization with experienced professionals having many years of practical know how in functional safety and the relevant standards associated.