At LHPU, we understand how hard it can be to re-enter the workforce, whether you are changing engineering disciplines or another reason. We offer our programs to help you get back into the game in less time and with more resources.

Shortening the Learning Curve

There is a learning curve when it comes to getting back into the workforce, and that can take up to one year to two years.

The programs that we offer are a tremendous way to jump-start that learning process and allow you the experience you need to re-enter the workforce in a fraction of the time. Our programs are immersive, six-week, high-intensity engineering, project-oriented environments that give you the experience you need to succeed in the next steps of your career.

Moreover, our programs help you learn in an environment that reflects the workforce. You will be working with teammates with deadlines, with the t4echnology you will need to understand and be familiar with.

Two Keys Skills

We are constantly hearing from hiring managers that the two key skills that are missing but in the highest demand are one problem solving and critical thinking. We prepare our students to develop both of these skills, so they are ready to impress their hiring managers.

Individual Skills

We also help our students with individual skills such as interviewing techniques, help with resumés, and LHP Engineering Solutions has a bank of recruiters that actively scout our programs for talented and driven engineers.

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Our programs are designed to help people like you get back into the workforce with the career you want. If you want to develop the skills you need to hit the ground running in your field, contact us today at LHPU to learn more.

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