The transition as a college student to the workforce can be a scary thought, especially in the engineering field. LHPU was founded on the fact that we can bridge the gap from the university to the workforce.

How Does LHPU Bridge the Gap?


At LHPU, we see these students that are very smart, who understand engineering, and are excellent candidates, but they never had the chance to apply their knowledge and training with a real engine before. They never had to persevere through a tough problem or know what it’s like to fail and try again.

Our training is set up to stretch their ability and to allow them to persevere, work in teams, and to come up with a goal to start that engine. We provide an environment where it is okay for them to fail, and they learn better from that experience.


Universities Don’t Offer Hands-On Experience

Universities often provide very little to no hands-on experience, so we get a lot of students who have never seen an engine in real-life before. Then they are expected to move from college into their very first job working with real engines with only theoretical knowledge.

Graduates from LHPU advance a lot quicker than someone that doesn’t have our training. Our graduates feel more comfortable in the workforce because they have gained valuable insights, and they have made their mistakes in a controlled environment, so now they know how to react when it happens and even prevent it from happening.

Get Ahead in Your Career


If you are an automotive engineering student, and you want to gain real-world, hands-on experiences in an adaptive learning environment, contact us at LHPU today. We can help fill the gap between university and the workforce and give you the edge you need when it comes to applying for your career.

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