LHPU was founded on our passion for helping aspiring engineers develop the skills they need, both technical and personal, for becoming a well-rounded and successful engineer. Throughout all of our courses, you'll receive the hands-on experience all hiring managers are looking for, as well as the confidence you need to boost your career.

One of our most popular courses is the Embedded Controls for diesel engines. In this course, students can kick start their careers by learning how to implement engine control strategies and safety processes using the ISO 26262 standard.

Let's Hear from an LHPU Graduate

Markus came to LHPU with a degree in biomedical engineering, with the goal of improving his engineering skills so he could help build a safer world. By taking the diesel embedded controls course at LHPU, Markus found that he was able to achieve his goal by learning the technology needed to keep people safe on the road.

He says that what he learned during his time at LHPU gave him the confidence and skills he needed to succeed and allowed him to build a great foundation of knowledge for his future career.

He also attributes his success to the support from the LHPU team and alumni throughout his journey.

Markus found his dream job while attending one of LHPU's events called Demo Days, where students are able to interact with hiring manager as they show off the skills they learned during our courses.

Learn More About LHPU Embedded Controls Courses

If you are interested in advancing your engineering career through hands-on courses that will train you for the real-world, contact us at LHPU today!

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