At LHPU, we have a passion for helping engineering students and current engineers build on their skill and knowledge sets with real hands-on experience in new technologies.

One of our popular engineering training courses is Intro to Autonomous Mobility, which helps our students become experts in the basics of perception, localization, control, and technology integration with autonomous vehicles.

Let's Hear from an LHPU Graduate

Elza earned her Graduate degree in electronic and electrical engineering, and her Master's in business administration while living in India. But she found herself at an impasse in her career as she didn't have the hands-on experience to find herself the job she wanted. By attending our Intro to Autonomous Mobility, she was able to successfully reenter the workforce confidently.

Now, Elza is an instructor for LHPU and works as an engineer on several of our research and development projects around autonomous mobility.

Overall, Elza describes her experience at LHPU as an essential component in her career development. She says it felt like our program was created just for her as our instructors, team, and alumni all work together to focus on the challenges each student faces.

Learn More About LHPU's Intro to Autonomous Mobility

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