We are looking to hire five engineering interns from the pool of students who enroll in the November Intro to Autonomous Mobility Training!

At LHPU, we prepare our students with the training and experience they need to hit the ground running. Not only do our customers, partners, and other engineering companies benefit from having such strong candidates to choose from, but LHP Engineering Solutions benefits as well!

Let's Hear from Past LHPES Interns

In the video above, you can hear from two LHPU graduates who became LHPU interns. This opportunity allowed them to work on research and development projects where they were able to implement the skills that they learned in the training programs.

Why Choose LHPU Engineering Training?

LHPU was created to provide engineers with the hands-on experience they need to be ready day one on the job. Autonomous mobility is a growing market, and there are many opportunities in this field, especially when candidates have the experience to start strong.

In 2020, we have hired 85% of our interns to work full time with LHPES. So, you can see that LHP Engineering Solutions is not only a leader in engineering technology, but they value the training programs at LHPU.

LHPU Partnerships

We are partnered with many different companies and organizations that are proud to support our training programs and work with our graduates. Some of these partnerships include the Energy Systems Network, IAC, Autonomous Challenge, MichiganWorks!, and more.

Learn More About LHPU Internship Initiative

If you are interested in taking the Intro to Autonomous Mobility Training Course at LHPU and for a chance to become an LHPES intern, contact us today!

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