Rahul Teja Gollapudi

Rahul Teja Gollapudi received his master’s in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. Rahul enjoyed all things science and technology in high school, which led him to pursue a career in engineering.  During his first industry training, he discovered an interest in control systems and cross functional engineering. He worked on longitudinal stability control (PID, LQR, LQG) design for UAV, missile guidance and target capture for his master’s final project and has been working as an autonomous technologies intern with LHP Engineering Solutions for the past several months.

Rahul’s fascination toward control theory grew during his master’s and he recognised its importance in the aerospace and automotive fields. He joined the LHPU training because it offers hands-on experience with control systems which is very important to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge.  He now has hands-on experience with embedded control systems, sensors and model-based design and control strategies. During his time with LHP, Rahul has used MATLAB, Simulink, Python, ROS, OpenCV, and various calibration, validation and testing tools to develop the control systems and sensor fusion technology for an autonomous vehicle. Along with these skills, Rahul also explored the ISO 26262 functional safety standard and applied it to the projects he worked on with LHP.

Apart from his engineering work, Rahul enjoys doing Numismatics and playing cricket.