LHPU has come a very long way since our beginning in 2011. When we started, we had 17 students, no engines to work on, and no hands-on experience. In September of 2011, we decided that we wanted to get the students more engaged with actual automotive projects.

The Diesel Engine Project

In order to provide real-world experience, we needed to give the students an environment where they could work on actual engines.

At this point, we only had six students who were experiencing a lot of conflicts. They were stressed out about new situations and the new environment. But we persevered and worked through their stresses, and eventually, they were able to get the engine running.

After this first hands-on project, LHPU was faced with the problem of how to scale the future of this project so that we could have more like it in the future.

Success Through Partnership

We reached out to many businesses in the industry that we thought would be able to help us solidify this program. We ended up partnering with Ivy Tech in Indiana and SAE, who both helped LHPU gain legitimacy of our program.

Thanks to our partners, we are happy to say that we are the only place in the world that offers the certificate of mastery in automotive functional safety for gasoline and diesel engines.

Our partners help us grow so we can help aspiring automotive engineers grow. Our goal is to help these students gain the real experience they need to succeed in their industry. We started with six graduates in our first year and how we have over 700!

Do You Want to Partner with LHPU?

Partnering with LHPU not only helps these students excel in the automotive industry but one day, they could help your company grow too. Many of our graduates end up working for our partners. With the experience they gain at LHPU, they are ready to hit the ground running in many diverse fields in automotive engineering such as cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles, and much more.

If you want to partner with LHPU, contact us today!


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