What Does the Recent Engineering Graduate Program Look Like?

For a recent engineering graduate coming out of school, our program at LHPU offers an opportunity to be immersed in a real-world, project-based engineering environment. They will be part of a team, either as a leader or a participant, that works together throughout the project.  As a team, trainees will learn to overcome the challenges that occur in any real-world engineering project.

The recent engineering graduate and their team will then have the opportunity to present their well-developed solutions for project deliverables to a group of engineering managers that LHPU invites to Demo Day. This creates a highly beneficial, real-world learning environment for a recent engineering graduate.

What is the benefit of a college graduate taking an LHPU course?

The recent engineering graduate program at LHPU provides a major benefit to someone who is just coming out of college. There are many options that a recent graduate has when coming out of school. They can go straight into a job, take online training or they can join the LHPU training courses to gain hands-on experience in their field. Typically it takes 12-24 months for an engineer to really get up to speed on the learning curve coming right out of college. LHPU shortens this time and provides an environment for the engineer to develop and learn the technology they need, while also developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Our program allows the recent engineering graduate to grow, gain valuable experience and be ready to talk and network with recruiting managers and engineering managers. This puts graduates at the front of the line when it comes time for companies and hiring managers to find the right fit when filling open engineering positions.

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If you are a recent engineering graduate and would like to find out more about how LHPU can help you start your career journey, contact us and one of our team members will reach out to answer your questions and get you started.