With the current state of the world with social distancing, working and learning from home, LHPU has been working to provide our students with the same great education and technical experience while safely learning from their homes.

One of the biggest reasons engineering students choose LHPU is because of the hands-on training and collaborative atmosphere we provide to help further their knowledge and careers.

Though we cannot be in the classroom just yet, we have put into place many key resources to allow our students the same education they need. We also believe that learning in this environment will help our graduates move into their careers with work-from-home experience, which is something many employers will be offering/ enforcing for the foreseeable future.

How Has LHPU Altered Courses?

Online Learning

We’re using an online learning management system to give our participants access to training videos that they can view and discuss together as a cohort, and on their own time at their own pace.

Google Classroom

We are using Google Classroom for sharing resources, online discussions, and assessments.

Remote Access to Software

To resolve the issue of participants needing access to software, we are using a remote PC for access to software tools.


We are using WebEx to help keep up with all of our soft skills training, including interviews, to introduce our trainees internally as well as externally to industry partners.

Learn More About How LHPU is Changing with Remote Leaning

If you are considering strengthening your engineering skills to give you’re the boost your need in your career search, LHPU is here to help! Contact us today to learn more.

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